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 What Lurks In The Mighty Domain

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PostSubject: What Lurks In The Mighty Domain   Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:41 pm

The high towers of the Hidden Stone peer over the rest of the sleeping village. Darkness loams over every corner. The mountain based city was incredibly dark due to the time of year and the positioning of the moon in comparison to the huge landmarks. Besides some street lamps and tourches, the entire place is picth black. Silence reigns over the normally lively village. In the tower that hangs below the Tsuchikages office, two strict ninja look over the blackened center of the Land of Earth. Both have very similar uniforms. A red undershirt and a darker, brown flack jacket. With armor running down each of their arms and the front of their legs. Each with his own pair of binoculers, they keep watch on the livlihood of the Stone. After keeping watch for the entire night thus far, it was becoming closer to the time in which they would switch with another set of lookouts. However, before they could leave a figure quickly appeared behind them both. The brothers looked back abd wondered what this was about. A masked man with a very dark, gray jacket appeared out of nowhere. He approached them and spoke.

ANBU Black Ops Member:
You two are the Rukku brothers Metsuki and Kan, correct?

Surprised that they were being adressed so personally, they looked at one another questioningly.

Metsuki Rukku:
Yes, we are. And if you don't mind introducing yourself.

ANBU Black Ops Member:
My name is of no importance but my purpose does involve you two. I was sent to inform you that there seems to be some sort of activity outside of the village. Our underground sensors have picked up that there is movement. We need you two to see exactly what is out there. I was sent to you two because apparently, viewing long range distances is your speciality. This is an urgent matter redirected at you two by Lord Third himself.

The brothers quickly stand up straight and quickly become more serious. Looking as if they would like to ask more questions, the Black Ops member almost begins to speak oncemore, but they cut him off simutainiously.

Rukku Brothers:
Yes, sir! It will be done immediatly!

One brother, Kan, begins to make hand seals, while the other, Metsuki, begins to open a scroll. After focusing his chakra to his hands, Kan slams one hand to the ground and the other he lies on the scroll next to him.

Kan Rukku:
Ninja Art: Pulsating Palm!

After a wave of energy is sent into the ground, the Black Ops member begins to become curious. He steps closer and peers over Metsuki's shoulder to see strange radar like markings appearing on the scroll. He steps back, and Metsuki looks back at him. Kan releases from the ground and also looks over at the scroll.

Metsuki Rukku:
It seems to be a little oldly shaded, but there definetly are people out there. I would assume that they arern't friendly, if I were you. No one travels at this hour at night with no purpose. It's unclear how much chakra they posses, but I would plan for the worst.

ANBU Black Ops Member:

Metsuki Rukku:
Ahhhh...Yeah, I'm sure.

The ANBU is very impressed. He has never heard of these two young, bright ninja before, but he would be sure to put a good word in for them after he notifies everone about the current situation. He thanks them, and quickly moves out to the lower core of the Stone. As captain, he would prepare the men that would hault this invasion. He notifies the higher-ups by sending a morse code message over his transmitter. Dissapearing into the home of the Blast Corps, he was sure that this coup'de tat would be put down.

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What Lurks In The Mighty Domain
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