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 Seven Face The Earth God

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PostSubject: Seven Face The Earth God   Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:15 pm

At the base of a plateau, far under the rim of the canyon, seven ninja hesitate. They each wear a mask and have grey flak jackets over stripped white and blue under garments. One turns to another while the rest gaze up at the sprinting sun coming down towards Kamitsuchi's dark crown. He speaks quitely to him which then promts the others to turn awaiting his reply. He then raises his hand up and motions them forward. They scatter while flowing upwards over the plateau and then dart to the next rock wall. Covering this distance effortlessly, they meet the wall to skillfully dart across its sides up to another jut outwards in Kamitsuchi's rock body. Speeding through, dodging spikes and rough spots, the team press onwards without faltering until they reach an inlet furthest down from the crown of the canyon. Waiting in this cave, the sensor assumes a meditative stance in the middle while the rest stand guard and lay out scrolls and speak quietly. Standing up, he turns to the leader and relays the intel while the others stop and listen. The serious spirit among them only arises once in a great while. Being motioned forward, they exit the inlet and roll over the walls to then dart amongst the moonlight of the full orb lying highest in the sky. Streaming amongst their garb, the light floods the gray of their vests and makes pure their stained stripped shirts and pant legs. Running in the silent night, they pick of speed and look on ahead and quickly mount positions near the crown grabbing the top while staying still in Kamitsuchi's domain. They then look out over the crown to see the Village Hidden in the Stone further on ahead. Feeling relieved though also now more tense with what lay ahead, they look to one another and then seem ready to advance.

The biggest one appears shaking:

My God! We're finally here...after all this way! My blood's about to boil with the thought of all the innocent and weak among them. The carnage...hehe....Ketsueki...the blood! hehehe.....

The leader turns to him.

That's enough Kushin! We'll have plenty of time to wallow in the chaos! Now, we move!

Ketsueki is shaking profusely.


Then, the sensor whispers among them:

We move because they are transitioning their postmen. Their watch is now vulnerable. We strike from the shadows. Let the time not interfere with our accuracy. We strike to kill....

The leader nods and then motions then over.

The leader takes off the big sroll on his back and unravels it as they jump up over the canyon's crown. Even before they become visable over the top, a light mist pours out and they all disappear as it settles in and advances thoroughly through the outskirts beyond the Village gates.

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Seven Face The Earth God
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